I've been making ceramics for more than 25 years now.

My work specifically focuses on tableware, homeware and souvenirs.

My tableware is lightly textured on the surface and is glazed in a special way.

I like experimenting with materials and glazes, as well as with new techniques.

I fire my porcelain* and paperporcelain** objects in an electric kiln at 1200° and my faiance*** ones at 1040°.

As they're hand-made, each of my ceramics are "one of a kind": they can be similar but never totally alike!

Even the manufactured ones are slightly different from each other because of the personal "final touch" they get.

I hope that - through their tiny imperfections and freedom - these "anti-industrial" objects of mine will bring joy to their future owners.

I aim to let the original beauty of the material - the ultimate purity, translucency and fine surface of porcelain and the wide range of colors and amazing plasticity of faiance - show itself.


You can take a look at my other works here:



You can order via e-mail : juditlantoskeramia@gmail.com as it follows:

1. Choose the items you would like.

2.Write me an email signing the objects you have choosen from my website, from my Instagram or from my Facebook.

3. I will answer you in an email with all the informations about the choosen ceramics. I will write you the material, size, color, price and the shipping costs too.

As I work for order, the time of creating the wanted ceramics lasts for about 3 weeks.

You can subsribe for newsletter under the "Contact" option at the bottom of the page.

Thank you!

* Porcelain: white , strong ceramic material , fired between 1200-1360 C.Ideal for homeware and restaurants too.Dishwasher and microwawe safe.

** Paperporcelain: Porcelain .( paper is mixed into raw porcelain mass to help working with  rigid porcelain, but paper burns out in fire)Dishwasher and microwawe safe.

*** Faiance: white clay  fired between 980-1040 C.Porous , light material.Not dishwasher safe!